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Stimulus360 is a demo app that illustrates the application of Web 2.0 concepts in the context of a Gov 2.0 scenario. The app scenario illustrates how Web 2.0 concepts can be adopted and applied by a government to engage citizens in a participatory ideation process to prioritize investments of stimulus funds.
It expands on Microsoft’s overall vision of Stimulus360 that is a funds management accelerator for the governments.

The app is implemented using the latest Microsoft Web Platform, demonstrating its capabilities for developing Web 2.0 solutions and featuring some of the best practices for implementing ASP.NET MVC Framework.


The application is developed by Blue Star Infotech, a leading provider of technology-based solutions and services; with expert guidance from the Microsoft Public Sector EPG team on Gov 2.0 trends & concepts. The architectural guidance is derived from Karthik's blog on Enterprise 2.0 Opportunities.

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